Image shows 6 separate square images of Aislings life. The first of aisling bent overa machine working, the second smiling covered in snow, the third scuba diving, 4th a budist temple in Nepal, aIsling sitting crossed legged on the edge of a mountain, 5th a camel, and 6th a silluette of a ski lift over a mountain

 Jewellery is the outfit.



Mornings are speedy affairs and can be hectic. I can relate. You’re incredibly busy so I’m sure you prefer to spend those extra precious 5 minutes warm and cosy in bed rather than stressing about what to wear. A pop of colour in your ears simplifies things, makes the day just that little bit brighter and could give you that extra oopmh we all sometimes need in the morning. 

Jewellery is the outfit. It’s easy.


I'm Aisling and through my passion I am empowering and emboldening women like you by making jewellery using a 9000 year old technique that is as bright, colourful, powerful and as unique as you are. 


As a child I spent hours playing with my babysitters jewellery, creating new looks, imagining the stories each piece tells. For my poor babysitter I’m sure I was being annoying, but I felt so confident and empowered, even as a kid... That's when I discovered for myself, at such an early age, the transformative power of jewellery and how it is so much more than just decoration. In university I took this further and wrote my thesis on how jewellery became an escape, a lifeline and a psychological crutch for those both fighting and captured during World War Two. Like you I want the jewellery I wear to be more than decoration.


I absolutely believe jewellery helps you to show your individuality - be proud of yourself - and understand that you are just a small part of the big universe in which we are all meant to reach for the stars.. as cheesy as that sounds ! For me the key really is colour, I want colour ! And I want my colourful jewellery to stand the test of time. Which is why, if you can believe it, I emigrated across Europe specifically to learn this ancient technique.


A comb that was made 9000 years ago was found recently, the wooden base had completely rotted away but the Urushi adornment was still slick and shiny. Trust me when I say Urushi is like nothing you have ever seen before. Imagine passing down your urushi earrings for thousands of years. It's like family heirlooms on steroids!


It’s a slow process, a true test of dedication and a symbol of patience that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. Like high altitude climbers say .. "You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself". Urushi is not a technique you conquer, every year I raise my levels of excellence and what I expect from myself, and have been rewarded for it winning an International Future Makers award recognising makers who shape the future of their sector, an initiative which recognises talent, potential and creativity. My pieces have also been featured in top tier fashion and jewellery magazines such as INSTYLE. 

So... are you ready for that kick of confidence in the mornings! 
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Or…. Have you fallen in love with the Urushi techniques like me and want to find out more..  I have a whole About page for this remarkable technique so go check that out to read the specifics.
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