My ethos is one of total eco-friendliness, I really do the best I can, from the raw materials that I use to the beautiful box which has the FSC® mark.

Urushi is a natural substance tapped from specific trees, then filtered in the same way it was being harvested thousands of years ago. The pigments I use are all 100% natural earth pigments, of course the eggshell is organic and I use Eco silver which is recycled from scrap. An eco-friendly alternative to sterling silver. Made of 100% recycled silver products, Ecosilver can be both treated and worked with in the same way as silver, for the same quality results, it is just simply more environmentally friendly..

My boxes have the FSC® mark we all know so well.
This guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and a decent wage.

Its all tarnish-free! Each unique Urushi piece arrives in a sturdy box that does not contain tarnish-accelerating chemicals, meaning the silver in your pieces will stay silver, and the Urushi itself will be perpetually slick and shiny, just give it a rub on the back of your wrist for a quick boost.

My business cards, little info cards and even the postal boxes are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again. Just the ribbon can not be, so leave a message at check out if you would prefer no ribbon. Alternatively re-use it, get creative its a beautiful orange so tie it around your wrist or in your hair !!