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Aisling McGloughlin

Modern Mosaic Floating Ring with Gold Leaf

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These is and brand new design for me.. a giant leap outside of my comfort zone. A sleek modern mosaic floating ring that pairs perfectly with real life.

The ring sits perfectly seeming to float between the fingers when it is in fact just a normal ring band. This one packs more of a punch its a real statement piece. Combining two Urushi techniques Rankaku and Haku-e. Its an effortless piece of completely unique jewellery, so easy to wear and made using a mix of techniques that makes for a great story!

The easiest way to dress up a look is with some stunning jewellery,  I even have earrings and cuffs made in the same technique so if you love to coordinate I've got you sorted !

Measurement: UK Ring size M, EU ring size 52  however this ring can be worn a bit big very easily. 

Weight: 15.5g 

Made from: Sterling silver, Fine Silver, Organic white eggshell, gold leaf and Urushi Lacquer.

These rings can't be sized after they are made but get in contact with me if you would like to commission one for yourself. You can pre order it here and rings typically take 4 to 6 weeks to make. 



One of the specific Urushi techniques i use is Rankaku-nuri, 卵殻塗 or Just Rankaku.

Uniquely with the Rankaku technique the white seen in the bespoke pieces i make is real eggshell. After removing the inner membrane of the eggshell, it is pressed into mugi-urushi or nori-urushi, crushing it into small pieces with the finger. Alternatively the eggshell is broken, individually shaped and then embedded into the lacquered surface of the piece. Over the following weeks the surface is coated in successive layers of lacquer. Normally a diluted layers of Kuro-urushi, 黒漆, but more recently i have also been experimenting with using pigmented Iro-urushi, 呂色漆.

Then the surface is sanded back smooth and polished to reveal the unique modern mosaic.

  • Rankaku-nuri • 卵殻塗 - The use of eggshells as an inlay material. 
  • Iro-urushi • 色漆 - Lit. colored lacquer. Urushi colored with pigments.
  • Kuro-urushi • 黒漆 - Lit. black lacquer.

Care Instructions

Urushi is an extremely durable material. Historical examples of lacquerware many hundreds and even thousands of years old can be found in exquisite condition with barely any deterioration in its finish even after decades of use. However, urushi pieces are not impervious to damage. When misused, they are still prone to the chips and scratches that any other object can sustain. 

As urushi lacquer naturally hardens under high humidity. Humidity is good for urushi lacquer. The Worst thing for Urushi pieces is drying so periodic use and wearing your Urushi pieces is the best thing you can do since the moisture in your hands and in the air gives Urushi its natural shine.

Urushi pieces will literary shine more after your use, repeated use and wiping or buffing with the palm of your hand is all that is needed to keep that slick shiny look Urushi pieces have.

  • Do not clean urushi with abrasives or harsh chemicals. Although urushi can withstand many every day chemicals such as alcohols, acids and bases, it will not withstand some harsher chemicals. Wash Urushi pieces with a simple detergent and water with a soft, non abrasive sponge or cloth.
  • Keep Raden and Rankaku away from acids and ink. Both Raden (mother-of-pearl) and Rankaku (eggshell) can be damaged by acids. Pieces with exposed Raden or Rankaku inlays should be kept away from sources of acid such as vinegar or citrus juice and some inks.

Shipping and Returns

Everything is dispatched from my studio in Barcelona, 1-3 days after the order has been placed, normally using UPS. I send everything via tracked post and a signature is required on delivery, you will receive a tracking number on the same day as your item is dispatched. I send your beautiful packages this way to ensure they remain safe and can be tracked, this ensures we know where they are at all times and minimizes risk.

Unfortunately, if the address you give me is not correct I am not liable for possible additional delivery charges if it is returned to me. So please double and triple check. 

Under normal circumstances UPS shipping within Spain will get to you in 2 or 3 working days after dispatch. Ireland and the EU about 4 - 6 working days. International deliveries may vary but are sent via DHL or UPS.


However due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic there are some significant delays both within and outside of Spain.  So I really appreciate your patience as postal services try to deal with what must be a very difficult situation. 

Brexit has also caused significant delays due to customs checks. I do deliver to the UK and Northern Ireland however these items will be dispatched a little slower due to the paperwork involved. I also cannot be held responsible for any customs fees or import taxes imposed at the border. I try my best that nothing is stopped at the boarder but this is unfortunately out of my control.

Free Delivery 

I offer free delivery to all EU orders over €200 and free delivery to all International orders over €250. Orders outside of the EU (which now also means the UK) may be subject to import or customs fees, unfortunatly I don't have control over these.

Peak times such as Christmas may also experience delays.

If you are concerned about the length of time you have been waiting for your piece, please please do get in touch. I promise to do my absolute best to resolve any issues. Excellent customer service is a cornerstone of my small business and I want nothing more than for my clients to be happy with their shopping experience. If I can help you in any way, get in contact.


I offer a 28 day full refund return policy.

I know It can be difficult to know if the item will suit you for what you want, especially when online shopping.  So with that, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please do contact me within 28 days of receiving it. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, I cannot accept returns of earrings that have been worn.

When I receive the full order, and ensure it is still in its original condition and packaging. I will refund the full price of your purchase. However I cannot accept responsibility for repaying postage and handling charges of the return.


Special Requests

Each piece, each individual earring is different. We are unique individuals and our jewellery should reflect that! Why settle or normal and ordinary when you’re not. 

If you want something made just for you, message me! Maybe you want a larger version or something with more weight to it, or even something with more orange. Anything can be done, just ask, asking if free!


As all of my pieces are completely unique once they are gone they are gone. However some can be pre-ordered and will be made especially for you. Of course this takes time and the piece will never be exactly the same, that's impossible when it comes to Urushi. The feel of the piece will be the same but the patterns will certainly look different. Have a look at some of my pairs of studs. Each stud, although made at the same time is different, this adds to the value of truly unique jewellery.

Jewellery can take between 4 to 12 weeks before its ready to be shipped, and the other collections can take 2 to 8 months. Urushi is a slow technique, months to make but thousands of years of life!

These are shipping estimates and pieces are normally shipped earlier. As soon as the piece is ready it will be shipped and you will be informed.

Quality and uniqueness are worth waiting for. If you want more specific or detailed information get in contact, I'm always happy to help.